VuGen Scripting - MAPI Protocol help

Hi Team,


Am working on VuGen scripting to send and delete email from Outlook 2010, while am able to perform the action.

Facing issue in deletion, the script doesn't point to current email, but deletes older ones.


The Protocol "  mapi_set_property_sz("Message ID", "");" doesn't seem to point to current session email

Any pointers.


Please help!!

Many Thanks for your valuable info.


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  • Hi Fruity,


    It would be easier to understand the issue if you provided some code. The mapi_delete_mail API just deletes either the letter with ID specified by Id parameter or the last letter, which can be set in either mapi_read_next_mail (Message ID parameter) or mapi_set_property_sz("Message ID", <ID>).


    If you call mapi_set_property_sz with empty string, you just reset the last letter ID to undefined and the delete API doesn't delete anything.