LR Support Tip: RDP script failing for multiple iterations when runnning from PC

RDP script when running from Vugen is working fine for multiple iterations, whereas the same script when uploaded to PC/Controller, is failing with the below error messages:


Warning: Received error PDU with code 0.
Detected MCS shutdown packet
Error: Connection reset by the server


Cause: Improper Synch and think times have caused the issue here.


Fix: Added Sync steps and ample think time. Kept the login in INIT section, Business process in Action and Logoff in VUSER_END instead of keeping the entire script in Action.



  • Hi,


    May I know in which line you got this error? And how many codes (like rdp_connect) were successfully executed before it?


    I suspect there's some difference between your VuGen installation and PC host installation. Could you please take a look to the file version so *RDP*.dll files at both machine?