Upload file in Load generator got the error "Could not obtain information about submitted file"

My Appllication is combination of Social - business domain, where i can add business information with images & Videos.


I Record script using Load Generator with following step & while reply this script then i got the error,


Steps -

1. I log in to my application.

2. Naviagate to my Dahsboard & Click on Add Post.

3. Enter text & upload one image.

4. Logout from my application.


- All other script is reply successfully but on upload the file i got following 2 errors.


Error -26488: Could not obtain information about submitted file "C:\Users\Administrator.BTPL1\Documents\VuGen\Scripts\AddImage\Tulips.jpg": _stat32 rc=-1, errno=2 [No such file or directory]. Using an empty file   [MsgId: MERR-26488]


Addpostimage.c(29): Error -26499: Internal Error - Pending in-function resources (EXTRARES) have not been handled (detected in fvLrwScriptApiCleanupUnhandledRemnants)   [MsgId: MERR-26499]