TruClient IE issues

Hello Forum,


I am using TC-IE for one of my project and having the the following issues during execution from controller.


Issue 1 -  Vusers executing TC-IE scripts fail while executing from physical load generator:

All vusers executing the TC-IE scripts from controller fail after launcing the scenario from controller. The error message displayed is "Abnormal termination, caused by mdrv process termination".  


Vusers are able to perform login steps and start failing from then. The script works fine when executed from Vugen on the same machine.


This load gen machine has LR 12 (evaluation) with patch 1 and attached is the system info extracted using LR Detect & execution log. Prior to LR 12 upgrade this machine was installed with LR 11 with patch 4 and was working perfect and primarily used to execute web & SAP vusers.


Issue 2 - TCS has stopped working & IPC connection to the browser process is lost:

As the physical load generator was having issues, trying to execute the scenario with virtual machies (windows server 2008 installed with LR 12 with patch 1) and a laptop (windows 7) as load generators.


Trying to execute 10 vusers from the laptop and atleast 5 of them are terminated with error message "IPC connection to the browser process is lost". Rest of the vusers are poped up with "TCS has stopped working" but still execute unless the popup closed.


Experts, please provide your valuable thoughts and inputs to overcome these issues.