VTS 2 problem (import/export bug?)


I am using Loadrunner 12.02 (TruClient) and VTS.

I am having a problem with (the import or export option of) VTS.


Let me explain.

In VTS, I start with just 2 colums, both with different rows, like this (ascii art! :-)) :


      colors     |  sizes


[1]   red        |  small

[2]   green      |  medium

[3]   purple     |  large

[4]              |  extra large

[5]              |  gigantic




In VTS the two rows below purple are gray.


When I export this table and import it again, the two rows below 'purple' are white, indicating these cells are not empty!


The causes problems with TC.vtcColumnSize() and TC.vtcAddCell() and possibly other functions as well.

(TC.vtcColumnSize() returns 5 (not 3) for the 'colors'-column, and TC.vtcAddCell() adds data in row 6, not 4)



Am I doing something wrong? Or..?


If this is an 'unsolveable' bug in VTS, I see one options that I can do myself, but is not desireable: clean the table after the input by deleting the 'empy' cells from the columns. 








  • I messed around with VTS some more and I found where the problem is... I thought I share this as it might be useful to other people. If not, move on, nothing to see here! :-)


    When I import this into VTS:


    The cells in column ONE and TWO are made 6 cells long (last 4/2 cells are 'emtpy'). This is very undesireable (as it breaks TC.vtcColumnSize() and TC.vtcAddCell())


    This works fine:



    Here I sorted the colums per size. (Column THREE contains 6 cells, column TWO contains 4 etc.)

    This works great.


    Now I "only" have to create some Excel-macro to sort these columns before I export them to cvs...


    Or, please HP, create a fix for VTS! ;-)

    (and I very vaguely remember seeing this behaviour also in the 'old' VTS. or..?)


    (btw: my idea to "clean the table after the input by deleting the 'empy' cells from the columns" won't be easy as there is no function (to my knowledge) that can really erase cells...)


  • The problem with solving this would be - how do you define a blank cell versus a null cell in a CSV?

    Sometimes you will genuinely want a blank value.


    To get around this problem, I actually create a new VTS instance and have a CSV for each table. It takes more work to upload though.



  • I didn't think about using multiple CSV files.

    (Thinking out loud: using a TruClient script it should be quite easy to import the CSV-files in VTS...)


    I've created an Excel macro which sorts the colums on size and exports it to a CSV-file. When you import this CSV-file in VTS, all colums have the correct size. I included the .bas file so you can use it too if you want.


    (Disclaimer: my VBA knowledge is not great. Actually, this might be my 2nd or 3rd VBA-script ever.. If it makes your computer explode, don't blame me ;-) It works for me!)