LR 12.01: Correlation scan failed due to parsing errors



I am evaluating the LR 12 for my client.


The script that I have to create for a CRM application is very large- just to record the whole script it takes about 1  hour!


(It contains about 20 forms to fill out and submit)


After recording, my VuGen starts to generate the code and correlates dynamic parameters according to the rules that I have created previously.


It takes more than 30 min (too long) ...and finally fails to correlate and displays an error message:


One of the post-generation procedures has failed.
Failed procedure: Performing scan for correlation post generation operation.


Correlation scan failed due to parsing errors. Fix the errors and click Design Studio to scan correlations.


Taking a look into the generated code I found that same of the code are corrupted: like broken lines etc.

After that the resulting code became unusable and I have to re-record my script and getting the same error message over and over again!

Among 7-8 attempts to record the script only 1 maybe successful.



Can anybody tell me why it happens and how to overcome this problem?


Appreciated any help and advice!


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  • Is there a limit for the number of Correlation Rules that can be handled by VuGen during script (re)generation?

    I have a rules file that was developed in LR 11.00 and worked there more or less OK.
    From time to time VuGen was crashing but I still was able to correlate most parameters using these rules (with some manual correlations).

    However I receive the following error messages when I try to apply these correlations rules to about the same script in LR 12.02:

    HP Virtual User Generator
    Unable perform scan for correlations.
    Reason: Failed to add step


    HP Virtual User Generator

    Correlation scan failed due to parsing errors.
    Fix the errors and click Design Studio to scan for correlations.


    This file has 35 rules. 30 of these rules were created in LR 11.00 and 5 of these rules were added in LR 12.02.


    I tried to disable half of these rules at a time and both times (with first half of a file and second half of a file) script was regenerated OK.
    I tried a few times regenerating a script with full file and VuGen failed to finish correlations in all attempts.