LR 12.01: Correlation scan failed due to parsing errors



I am evaluating the LR 12 for my client.


The script that I have to create for a CRM application is very large- just to record the whole script it takes about 1  hour!


(It contains about 20 forms to fill out and submit)


After recording, my VuGen starts to generate the code and correlates dynamic parameters according to the rules that I have created previously.


It takes more than 30 min (too long) ...and finally fails to correlate and displays an error message:


One of the post-generation procedures has failed.
Failed procedure: Performing scan for correlation post generation operation.


Correlation scan failed due to parsing errors. Fix the errors and click Design Studio to scan correlations.


Taking a look into the generated code I found that same of the code are corrupted: like broken lines etc.

After that the resulting code became unusable and I have to re-record my script and getting the same error message over and over again!

Among 7-8 attempts to record the script only 1 maybe successful.



Can anybody tell me why it happens and how to overcome this problem?


Appreciated any help and advice!


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