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Is there a way to save the RunTime Data to a file. If we are running the script for more number of iterations like 15, we will be able to see only the values for the last iteration in runtime data tab after the script finishes. The data captured for the previous iterations will be over written. So is there a way to save the runtime data to a file, which will contain the values captured for each iteration.



Madhu Gandhi.

  • 1. Open the file in Append mode 'a' so that the data won;t get overwritten.

    2. Use VTS which is a very good option to save the run time data.


    Thanks, Ajay

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the suggestions, but really sorry I am not able to do it. Please explain more elaborate with steps so that I will be able to implement the ideas.



  • Verified Answer

    Either you can use the VTS to capture the data or use a flat file to write  it.


    For second option here are high level steps 


    1.Create a flat file on a path where you script can access.

    2.Open the file from vugen script in append mode.

    3.Capture the data you want to capture through parameter.

    4.Write the parameter to flat file


    at the end you have all data you needed. Here is a sample code 


    char *FileName = "filepath\filename.txt";

    int iDocLength;
    long DocFileOpen;

    iDocLength = strlenlr_eval_string("{paramname}") )   1;
                //write the quote number in to a flat file
                 DocFileOpen = fopen( BillDocFileName,"a " );

                if(BillDocFileOpen == NULL){
                    lr_log_message("Unable to open and write in doc file");
                    fwritelr_eval_string("\n{gettingBillDocNo}"),iDocLength,1,DocFileOpen );

  • Hello!


    Another idea can be to configure the run time setting for logging to "Extended Log" and "Parameter Substitution". After you have executed the script have a look to the replay log and find the lines with "Notify: Saving Parameter". This will show you the names and values of the parameters.




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