How throughput will effect resposne times

How throughput will effect resposne times in Loadrunner.

I ran one test and observed Application and DB server CPU usages are fine. But throughput is huge and response time is huge.

in another scenario throughput is very less response time is more, in this scenario also CPU and memory are fine.

Please help me how to analyse this part



  • What I normally do is, look at the throughput and system resources in single (or a few) user(s) mode and than add more and more users. When there are no bottlenecks in the system or software I would expect that with doubling the amount of users, the total throughput doubles at double system resource costs.

    When you repeat this there will be a moment that throughput does not increase as expected; this will result in increase of response times. This can be a limitation on system resources (CPU, Mem, IO, NW or a service like DNS, security, etc), when this happens you can try to take away the bottleneck and retest.

    It becomes interesting, from an performance enginering point of view, when throughput does not increase as expected and there seems to be no bottleneck in system resources. Now you have to look for wait-events in your system: E.g. database locks; software locks (e.g. Java GC); too small pools that will give queuing; too many (small) NW packages. DB-locking, application locking can be the result of 'bugs' but also bad design of your test (data) a too small data footprint.

    I hope this general statement helps you further,

    Have fun!