LR 2020 Controller Graph Configuration Y Axis scale Issue?

I am testing out the new LR Professional 2020 and have run across at least one issue I can see with the new UI.  It seems Controller Graph Configuration Y Axis scale is not able to be set to decimal values as you could (or it would Auto set as well to decimals) with LR 12.xx or spherically I am using 12.63 but it has been this way for years.

I am testing Web Services so measurement scales in seconds is often pretty meaningless considering Web Services often respond in tens (0.100) or even hundredths of a second (0.010).  Tell me what good is a scale that starts at that does now allow a setting less than 1.  Again LR 12.63 manages this fine and auto sets scale for instance from Min 0 to Max 0.11 for the example script I am running....LR2020 is setting it Min 0 and Max 1 and really showing 0 to 1.5 so I get a graph showing this little line just up form the bottom of the graph so 95% of my graph is white space and useless now.