How to install controller/loadgenerator on linux?

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I am new to HP LoadRunner and really need your hep. now i have installed Loadrunner on my windows machine and building some test, but now i need to monitor our app servers (cpu,memory,network traffic, ....) but i do not really know. how can i install controller/loadgenerator on linux machine?

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     For monitoring web/DB/App/Network, you need to configure the Monitors from Controller.

    Controller has an option to configure these monitors to get performance measurements.

    In addition, there is product called HP "Site Scope", agent-less monotoring tool from HP which integrates with HP loadrunner.


    Loadgenerators are used only for injecting the load....only this component of LR can be installed on non-windows platform, as rightly pointed by Laura.


    You can refer the install guide for detailed steps.

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