Vugen 11.52: Question on LoadRunner Vugen 11.52 trial download?



Is the LoadRunner Vugen 11.52 Trail download a full verison of 11.52 Vugen?


Do I need a license to activate it to become a full version?


Any information greatly appreciated.





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  • Yes, this is a full version.


    HP Loadrunner VUGen don't need any special license and it's free to use and download.

  • Indura2k,


    But when I downloaded the LoadRunner Vugen 11.52 Trail, it says that my license trail license expires on 6/18/2013.


    So how do I get around that ?


    Do I have to have a permanent licnese or not?


    Or will it continue to work even after that date?


    Any information greatly appreciated.





  • Your trial version will expire on 6/18/2013, meaning you won't be able to use the controller after that date. if you are planning to work on LR then you need to get the license from HP for whatever protocol you are planning to use it for, install the license in the LR and continue working based on the license you get. if its a 1 month license your controller will work for 1 month from the date of installation. Vugen & Analysis will work without license.

  • Verified Answer

    If you're working with VuGen only, no license is required.

  • Regarding your question on the expiration of LoadRunner components, your answer can be found in the click-to-accept license agreement which was available during your software installation.   On a historical basis up to the Loadrunner 12 Community Edition, the license to use any and all LoadRunner components has been tied to the license of the controller.   So, technically when your controller license expired then your right to use any other component, from WinDIFF to VUGEN to Analysis also expired and you should either re-up your controller license or remove the components from your PC.  

    The trial license is intended just for that, an evaluation of the product.   If you need training, then training licenses are available for purchase.   if you need a production ( non evaluation and non training ) license then those are available as well.   You may convert an existing installed evaluation license to either a training or production license with the purchase and installation of a license key on the existing controller, good for a single installation of the tool on a specific host.


    You can validate this independently by reading the click-to-accept license agreement which ships with your version of Loadrunner.    

    If  you want a non-expiring edition then may I refer you to the LoadRunner version 12 Community Edition.

  • This is incorrect using the click-to-accept license as a measurement of the answer in two categories.   

    1) This is an evaluation license, not a production one or a training one.

    2) Your right to use expires with the controller.


    If you want a non expiring license then see LR 12 Community edition

  • Vugen and Analysis will continue to work, however please examine the license agreement which comes with the version of LoadRunner you have installed.  

    1) On a historical basis all Loadrunner components are tied to the license of the controller.  When your right to use the controller is terminated, so then is your right to use the other LoadRunner components.

    2) This is an evaluation license, not a production one or training one.   If the license is intended for anything other than training, then such a license should be acquired as a purchased item

    Engage in ethical software pratices, read and follow the restrictions on your license....even if you don't agree with them...up to the time you have negotiated a license appropriate to your use model