Issue in opening Vugen 11 Scripts in Vugen 9 Version

Hi All ,


I created Flex scripts in vugen 11 version. I am unable to open the same script in Vugen version well as failed to upload in performance center 9.


Do we have any steps to make vugen 11 scripts compatible to vugen 9 ?





  • It is not supported. Why dont you upgrade to PC11?




  • I know there's no officially sanctioned HP method for using VUGen 11.0 scripts on 9.5, but you can try a hack that I've found works for web HTTP scripts.


    If you open the *.USR file of your loadrunner script in notepad, you'll see a few values:







    I've been able to change these values from "" to "" and have the web scripts work fine in Performance Center 9.5 (so I'm guessing they'd work with a 9.5 controller the same way).  As long as you're not using any new features in your web script, you should be fine.  I've done this with dozens of HTTP scripts and haven't encountered any issues yet.


    But it is a hack, so try it at your own risk.