How can i capture a dynamic created value and use it later on within the TRUE CLIENT functionality.

within the application a new dynamic unique record is created. for example 00001 

I want to use this number later on in my script to search this record and delete it.


How can i capture this value and use it later on within the TRUE CLIENT functionality.

Is it within the Verify functionality ? maybe someone already done this.........

  • Thanks JHF for your gentle response!

    I had used the lineup of operations suggested by XTom: after focusing on the object value to correlate, I had create a variable in the form "Variable"  from the target "Arguments" of a "Verify" step ("Property = Variable Text") and the replay of the script goes well. My doubt is that I can't use the variable like a parameter, so I can't use TC.getParam or similar functions to handle parameters. 

    Do you have any suggestions to use a variable in such way to capture all possible value for the object captured? Just like a Web HTTP-HTML correlation's parameter. 

    Thanks again, 


  • Hi Lorenzo ( ),

    I think that the elements are available in my post, but you have to start engineering with javascript.

    Unless you have a public available website that shows the structure and pattern you like to apply, this is all I can do at the moment.


  • Thanks for the quick response!

    I will try with your bytecode, adapting it with my issue.