How to make periodic poll with different headers and periodic websocket send


I need to make a periodic web call to my web application for keep-alive / heartbeat.

I know there is a web_reg_async_attributes function which allows you to start a periodic poll (Asynchronous Conversations).

Example: Asynchronous Conversations

web_reg_async_attributes("ID=Push_0", "Pattern=Push", "URL={MyServiceURL}", "RequestCB=Push_0_RequestCB", "ResponseHeadersCB=Push_0_ResponseHeadersCB", "ResponseBodyBufferCB=Push_0_ResponseBodyBufferCB", "ResponseCB=Push_0_ResponseCB", LAST);



int Push_0_RequestCB() {
  //enter your implementation for RequestCB() here

  //call web_util_request_set_url() here to modify request url:
  web_util_set_request_url("<request url>");

  //call web_util_set_request_body() here to modify request body:
  web_util_set_request_body("<request body>");

  return WEB_ASYNC_CB_RC_OK;

My issue is that I need to add a header (different in every call), so I can't use

    web_add_header ("MyHeader","{MyHeaderUpdatedValue}");

because it won't modify the recorded async web request.

Another issue is that I want to delay the first poll, so if it has to be polled every 30 seconds, the first call should't be inmediate, but after a 30 seconds... and I don't want to call lr_think_time (30) to wait 30 seconds... obviously because timing will depend on think time configuration, but also because during these 30 seconds I want the script to continue running and not waiting.

Is there a way to implement the desired behaviour?

On the other hand, I need to make another periodic keep-alive call to a remote service by using web_websocket_send. How to implement this with Asynchronous conversations?

Kind regards.