Load Runner Parameterized configuration

Hi All

I would like to seek for your advise, can multiple load runner scripts (TruClient) reading the same parameter file?

If yes, what should I configure in order to meet the below scenario?

The AUT only allow single login at at time, means if user 100 login to the AUT, this user 100 cannot login to the AUT anymore.

I'm parameterizing the user where I have 100 of different user in the paramater file and the configuration that I configured is 

  • Select Next Row : Unique
  • Update value on : Each iteration
  • When out of values: Continue in cyclic manner

After configuring the configuration, I test it out on Controller. I assigned 100 Vuser (break them into few load scripts) in the Controller. The error that I got is "insufficient value in the User.dat"

Please advise