Help connecting to load generator

I have installed the LR load generator standalone package on a Windows Server 2016 VM on our internal network.  Everything was succesfull during install.  I also have LR (full install) on my laptop.  I am unable to connect to the load generator in the controller.  I've been researching but cannot find a solution yet.  Can someone help, please?  Here is the error log the controller gives shen trying to connect, just a timeout error.  Could it be that the default port is blocked?

Failed to connect to the agent.
Load Generator not responding after timeout
Command line that was executed:
-usr ..\dat\lr_trans_server.usr -lnch_interactive -controllerhost "JColeman0215" -bridge -monitor_parent -extra_ext time_diff_ext -no_exception -eve_file_version 3 -drv_log_file_under_cntrl lr_bridge.log -working_lang 0 -es_unique_id 4 -extra_ext SummaryDataTransExt -trans_server_extra_ext SummaryDataTransExt -trs_online_mode 0 -trs_timer_duration 5 -out_communication 0 -extra_ext LrHostBalance -supply_netdir -base_temp_dir "C:\Users\jcoleman\Desktop\LoadRunner Scenarios\LR LG Temp Dir" -extra_ext mft_server -lnch_priority normal -no_popups -lnch_interactive -lnch_registry_key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\CurrentVersion\RuntimeEnvironment" -product_name "LoadRunner" -lnch_dont_remove_until_notify -lnch_remote_port_for_parent 54345

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