Thin client IE



I try to record a Siebel application running in a Thin Clientl, with IE8 in the thin client. I start it as a windows application, because it is an exe...only there is no code recorded, it looks  like LR can not 'see' inside the thin client. I tried Socket or WinInet recording and such settings, but that does not change a thing. Did anybody recently  record a thin client with LR 12? I was using the HTTP protocol.

We use a thin client, because all machines here also have IE11 installed for other applications. So I HAVE to use the thin client, our Siebel version does not work on IE!!



  • I'm curious to know what you mean by "thin client".

    You mean a browser with an add-on?  Or is it a locally installed client?

    If it's a Siebel application then aren't you using the 'Siebel-Web' protocol ?

    What does the protocol advisor tell you?



  • It means that IE8 is started up in a seperate 'bubble' of memory and processor space. Sort of a VM solution I guess is the best description. We have W7 with IE11, so that is how we run IE8 next t it. I don't use the Siebel protocol because we don't have enough licenses for it, 50 is not enough. We used web protocol in the past(before IE11 was rolled out) and it worked, only is gives you more work correlating things manually.

    What now happens is that absolutey no code is generated, that has not happend before.

  • Can you be more specific about this 'bubble'. I assume VuGen is launching this thin client, or recording would not be possible. Is this some sort of application virtualisation, such as App-V ?
  • The thin client is started with an exe like this.


    C:\Program Files (x86)\xxx\Siebel Business IE8.exe


    So I start it now with that exe in the 'Application'box. Like it is a custom webbrowser. 

    I don't really know how to explain the thin client further than this!