Parameterization in Loadrunner

Hi All,

I want to parameteririze a value which is dynamic in nature.

Kindly help me in creating parameter with dynamic values, such that in each iteration it takes different value automatically. 

I want to concatinate some text with date & time.

Format of the parameterization I am looking for is as follows:

Sometext_currentdate_currenttime.   e.g. Replace Community004 with "ABCD_%d%m%y_hh:mm:ss."


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Anupam Baranwal

  • Hi

    This is easy done with a standard Parameter.

    br /ola






  • As  wrote, you can create one or more parameters with the option "Parameters" and combinate them to make a unique timestamp/dynamic value. For example, 

    someText => Parameter type: Random Number, you can choose the range of valus to assign (Min and Max)

    currentDate => Parameter type: Date/Time, Date/Time format: %d/%m/%Y

    currentTime => Parameter type: Date/Time, Date/Time format: %H%M%S

    You can also create a custom format, inserting a particular separator due to your timestamp syntax, for example a Date/Time format like %d--%m--%Y::%H::%S.