MMS(Media Player) - Not able to measure the performance - Media Player Client

Steps to create the issue:

1. Created a script for MMS(Media Player) using mms_play

2. Using Tools - > Create a Controller scenario, scheduled for 10 users.

3. After starting the Load Genarator, successfully connected, started the scenario on the Load generator machine and not the localhost.

4. Opened Media Player Client Graph in Run tab.

Most of the parameters like Average Buffering Events, Time -- showed zero.

Can anyone help me in this regard?

  • Verified Answer

    Was able to record the parameters after manually cleaning up the cache, cookies, history from the IE Browser.

    In order to clean up automatically from the script, used the below steps.

    1. Configured mms.lrp File - Configure MMS(Media Player) in Multiple Protocol List
    2. Created a new script - Multiple Protocol with MMS(Media Player) and Web(HTTP/HTML).
    3. In Vuser_Init used web_cleanup_cookies() and web_cache_cleanup() functionality.
    4. Replayed successfully after reporting a warning in Vuser_Init.
    5. Created the scenario, ran for 10 users.

    Successfully was able to measure the performance metrics for Media Player Client.