VUGEN 12.02 - TRUCLIENT IE - How to exclude the user typing duration in total transaction reponsetim


I dont want the user typing time to be include in the transaction response time.. How to exclude the typing type in truclinet IE..? for example after launching the url and i dont the username/password entry time to be calculated in total response time. In one transaction I need to include both url launch and login click and not the time period of user inputs fileds..



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  • Sorry if I missed the point of your question, but I put transactions around the items we want to measure, the user will complete the form then click the submit button. I don't really care about how long the user takes to type the details in. I put the transaction on the submit button.

    If your Business requirements want to specify how long it should take for a user to type then you have a requirement to test against and can calculate the typing interval.

    I have an overall transaction that i put at the start and end of where my iteration repeats, but that's only to count the number of iterations I'm getting, though can use it to see a trend from previous runs.