TruClient not reading PDF in Loadmode


I am trying to do performance testing using TruClient Firefox. I have a scenario where I have the pdf generated in the HTML browser and I am trying to get the response time of that pdf. I have tried Evaluate JS, Automatic and Xpath. I have also tried "verify pdf". I have tweaked object timeout settings too. They work fine in Interactive mode, but it fails in load mode saying "object not found". I am using Load Runner 12.02. Please help me in solving this issue. 



  • Hello Nitesh,

    Thank you for your post.

    To handle the PDF files properly in load mode replay, TruClient must use the same mimeTypes.rdf as the one used during interactive replay.

    What you can try is

    1. Copy the file mineTypes.rdf from the <script>\profiles\interactive folder
    2. Paste it into <LR installation directory>\bin\firefox\browser\defaults\profile\ - create the folder if it doesn't exist