throughput challenge

Good Day,

Thoughput on application started to act up. the response time did not change under usual load, while I do notice that amount of passed transactions is lower.

there is no failures I can see.

I am wondering what could be a reason and ways to troubleshoot the issue.

we are running 3 IIS servers on load balancing , Oracle, Unix server for hosting proprietary app.  I am attaching a screenshot and will appreciate ideas where to start looking.









  • Hi Jul, 

    There are several factors to consider on this one. Most likely the not all transactions are getting their response back from the server resulting to low throughput. Try bouncing the servers and load balancer, there's a probability that transactions are queued for a long time or got stuck somewhere in the application layer. You may also check the network connection. You may also want to run individual tests and have someone tail the logs, or when running another scenario, be sure to also analyze the web server logs, and also check the per transaction breakdown of response time. Try analyzing the full End-to-End view reveals which component in the infrastructure contributes the most to the overall performance. From this view you may isolate where the problem is.


    DO NOT TRUST Average Values: Focused analysis is required to identify problems!


    I hope it will help you troubleshoot the issue.