truclient script does not work on APM9.5

I developed the truclient script in uvgen 12.63, tested ok in vugen, but when it is loaded into APM/BPM9.52, one of the step failed. "target object was not found", I think it is because the previous step is not executed. the previous step is to click a submit button, it should send everything out and display a new page. the log says the submit button was successfully complete, but actually it is not. Please help!



  • I'm working through similar issues, though not from launching out of APM. I've been just developing the script and it randomly stops in different locations. I don't know if leaving the TC IDE running too long causes problems for itself because it's not ready for prime time. Clearly it's not able to repeat the same script time after time reliably. I imagine the same code is running the script out of mmdrv, so that doesn't bode well.

    FYI, the TC environment is built out of .js scripts down in the \bin\TruClient folders. I find that reading the code is better documentation than what is found in the TruClient Help Center. More accurate, anyway.

  • I believe you need to copy the libraries from your vugen script over to your BPM in order for the script to work properly.  The way you can do this is copy the libraries in vugen to APM and this will deploy libraries with the script to BPM. Otherwise, you should stick to recording your scripts in 12.55 which is the supported vugen version for your BPM/APM combination... Hope this helps.

    Refer to the support matrix for details...

    (I can't find APM/BPM 9.52 details, sooo you may need to talk to MF Support ppl)


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    TruClient is rather new and changes from (sub)release to sub(release).

    According APM System Requirements and Support Matrixes, APM9.5 is compatible with LR 12.5x. So you have an issue with LR 12.63 and APM 9.5

    In our group we have with TruClient also backward issues between LR 12.63 and PC 12.60.

    You you need to rerecord your TruClient script with a LR version of 12.5x or upgrade APM.