AutoCAD Performance testing

Can we do the do Performance testing activities on AutoCAD application (thick client) and record the user actions through VUGEN

  • Hi .

    In this thread you were asked if the AutoCAD thick client has some kind of network communication with a server or if your scenarios (namely importing and exporting) are just plain filesystem operations.

    In case there is no communication with a server, LoadRunner will not be able to record any network traffic and therefore a load test would make no sense, since all operations would happen locally.

    Can you describe the application architecture that you want to stress?

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for clarification !

    AutoCAD thick client communicates with .NET and SAP at the back end for importing and Exporting file operations and we are able to capture that traffic but i was looking if we can also capture the actions performed on AutoCAD (creating designs inside the AutoCAD client).