Vugen integration with UFT

I would like to know if you can integrate UFT with VUgen. The idea is I want to record/replay a UFT script and have it interact with Vugen and the application.  We have attempted this in the past but ran into issues any time the product (pick one UFT or Vugen) was patched.  Both Vugen and UFT would coexist on the same PC.  Is this possible? What issues should I watch out for.  I saw some erratta in the release notes saying you may have to so a repair. Which product would you repair, LoadRunner or UFT? Is there an installation order?

Any and all help is appreciated.



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    Hi Jim,

    About your boubts, please refer to the following questions and answers related to your doubt:

    1) Is it possible for UFT and Vugen (Full LoadRunner install) to coexist on the same PC?
    Yes, it is possible but, if you install LoadRunner and UFT on the same machine and then uninstall one of them, the remaining software program may not function correctly.
    Workaround: Reinstall the software program you want to use on the machine.

    2) What product should be installed first UFT or LoadRunner or does installation order matter?
    LoadRunner must be installed first, so any machine with LoadRunner and UFT, in which UFT was installed after LoadRunner, may not allow the recording of certain protocols.
    Workaround: Uninstall UFT and run a Repair on the LoadRunner installation.

    3) What happens if one product is upgraded or patched?
    Please check the following support matrix:

    4) The release notes mentions a "repair" may be needed? How exactly is that done?
    Following the wizard as normal using the installer.

    I hope this works for you.

  • This is where we ended the last time our company attempted this. It was a support nightmare.  The products should be decoupled so they can coexist independentaly.   One should not be tied to another. I am going to look at UFT alternatives as a result.