what's the difference between Winlnet and Socket options in load runner recording options?

What is the difference between WinInet and Socket options, when we will use WinInet , Socket and (WinInet and Socket)  options.

  • Hi Karthik,

    my answer is not that of an expert but the result of experience with LoadRunner and this particular option. So, WinInet (Windows Internet) is an API interface that allows to contact web resources throught HTTP or FTP protocol, and it's used to enable the Integrated User Authentication avoiding to the client to digit login credentials for Kerberos systems.

    You can enable this option in case your script (Web HTTP-HTML or Web Service) ends with a HTTP 401 Unauthorized message error, or similar evidences from HTTP error messages in security/authentication purview. 

    Tell me if now it's more clear for you,