NV Insight report 12.60 Vugen

Dear Team,

First of all i want to appreciate for impleneting NV insight report which looks very good and promosing for our performance test analysis.

I have few question in NV insight report. It would be great if you can explain in detail.

(a) After replay my script NV insight as well as replay collect stats are generating. I have observed Duration in vugen (Collectes replay) and duration in NV insight is getting round off. Is this correct.

(b) What is difference between Duration and Network time. Is it possible Network time can be greater or lesser or equal to Duration time.

I have attached the screenshot.



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    Hi Abhinav

    (a) you are right on NV Insights Network Time/Duration  are round off.

    (b) "Duration" is related to Start/End transaction (NV gets timestamp for each event) while "Network Time" is measured by time between first and last packet in transaction("Duration"). "Duration" is longer than "Network time" but in most cases there is no much difference.

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