Web HTTP-HTML: parametrization with web_reg_save_param()

Hi all, 

I must to capture dynamic values from this request:


So I've insered the function below in the script,


but when I execute the bytecode the error log sends

 Error -35061: No match found for the requested parameter "model_id". Either the specified boundaries were not found in the response or the matched text is longer than current max html parameter size of 256 bytes

I suppose there's something wrong with the function syntax. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thanks a lot for the support!

  • HI Lorenzo, I see three potential issues.

    Normally a request is send by you and you use web_reg_save_param() to find data in the response. The response is the unkown. The request is the known part so no need to use web_reg_save_param(). (Note that you should use web_reg_save_param_ex() or one of the other web_reg_save_param_*() functions.).

    The small letter L looks alike the capital I in the word 'modelIds'. Validate this, it might be a typo.

    It look like that the format of your Request conains a newline before and after "792..977", but you do not have that in your expression of LB and RB. Note that the new-lines might also be an formatting issue of VuGen itself (check the raw data). To solve that you might add a new line character at the right place.

    Success, Erik

  • Thanks a lot for the gentle response. The fact is that information ("modelIds") is unknown, so I've the idea to made a parameter to capture all possible values of it, but you're right: the parametrization is still possible on the response. 

    I will try another solution. 

    Thanks again!