Unable to connect to SiteScope Sever via Controller


Recently we were required to change the main SiteScope URL to HTTPS port 8443 with a self sign Certificate.  Now we are not able to connect to the SiteScope Server port 8899 within the controller since we did this.  This connection was working with http port 8888.  I am able to telnet from the controller server and my desktop to SiteScope port 8899. The master config file as the correct port information. Is ther another setting needing to be updated?

HP SiteScope 11.33.521 64-bit JVM, Build 437

Setting in the Master.config file.



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    This issue is resolved.  I had a session with Micro Focus rep and he pointed out the certificate maybe causing the issue.  Since we went to the secure port and IP we had to create a self-sign certificate on the SiteScope Server.  I exported the certificate from the SiteScope server and imported on the Loadrunner Controller server.  However this didn't resolve the issue.  I modified SiteScope section in the xmlmonitorshared.ini file to add a specific login ID, and changed the port number to 8899.  Still no luck.  Then I changed the connection name in the SiteScope Server Information, in the controller setup, under the Run tab to a FQDN instead of the IP.   Just like magic connection was made.


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