Transaction not an error

Hello everyone,

I have a transaction which is valid if it fails or passes.  The part that fails is a value not being captured for correlation.  This error only occurs when the data is executed for the very first time, every run afterwords for that particular data it is captured.  It is setup to run weather the data is there or not.  It does not cause the overall script to fail.  The transactions after the issue will perform the same no matter if the part the data is there or not, it is not depended on the correlated data. My issue is when it fails loadrunner marks the iteration being failed.  I have tried to change my Run Time Settings to Continue on Error, I have used lr_continue_on_error around the section which the error does occur, I have also changed my end transaction to LR_PASS.  All these options still mark the iteration as failed.  I am using VuGen 12.02. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.