Unable to capture new URL values

I have a web page were I upload a file from my PC (hope to convert to a dat file) and the web site validate the file and goes to the next page where the URL has an ID on the end of it.  If I click on the submit button without the correct ID I will receive a 500 error.  The application is using REST APIs.


This URL is the one I use to upload my file.


After I select my file from my PC, the page is refreshed with the below url, and the values after the review/ is what i need to capture.  That value is the ID of the file uploaded.

Https:// (URL)/#/review/1cd55bc4-3114-4687-904a-53b0ac3db46c


When I look at the view source of the page all I see is below:

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang=en class=no-js ng-app=upload-ui ng-strict-di><head><meta charset=utf-8><meta name=description content=""><meta http-equiv=X-UA-Compatible content="IE=edge"><meta name=viewport content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"><meta http-equiv=cache-control content="no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate"><meta http-equiv=Pragma content="no-store, no-cache"><meta http-equiv=Expires content="0"><base href="/gateway/upload/"><title>Data Submission</title><link rel=stylesheet href="styles/bootstrap.min.css"><link rel=stylesheet href="styles/leaflet.css"><link rel=stylesheet href=styles/html5-boilerplate-normalize.css><link rel=stylesheet href=styles/html5-boilerplate-main.css><link href=styles/main.css media=all rel=stylesheet type="text/css"><link href=styles/message.css media=all rel=stylesheet type="text/css"><link href=styles/upload.css media=all rel=stylesheet type="text/css"><link href=styles/submission.css media=all rel=stylesheet type="text/css"><link href=styles/confirm.css media=all rel=stylesheet type="text/css"><link href=styles/print.css media=print rel=stylesheet type="text/css"><body ng-controller=AppCtrl><nav-bar></nav-bar><message-center></message-center><div class=page><div><h1>Data Submission <span class="capitalize offscreen">{{pageName()}}</span></h1><workflow-links></workflow-links><div ng-view></div></div></div><div class=footer><p>Data Submission| {{date | date:'M/d/yyyy h:mma'}}</p></div><script src=bundle.min.js></script>

Any Assistance is greatly appreciated!!


  • If I understand you correctly, at the end of a file upload you expect to receive the “unique” ID that will be used in the subsequent navigation. And it looks like the “upload” step goes wrong and you don’t receive the ID.

    I suggest  to validate the upload request (headers, content disposition and other parameters).

    I guess that when the upload request will be 100% completed as expected, you will receive the ID.


  • The upload process works fine.  After you select a file to upload, the system validates the data and moves to the next step (screen refresh) in the process which gives you 3 options (Apply, Discard, Cancel).  When this occurs the URL has already changed and the submission ID is now part of the URL. Because the application is using REST API the screen refrreshes instead of going to a new screen.  Please let me know if you need additional information.

  • Verified Answer

    Everyone, my issue is resolved.    I really can't explain it.  I started from scratch and I was able to capture the value I needed.  Thanks everyone who viewed my post and provided feedback.