Java Over HTTP protocol can't decode reqeust/response from body

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a Java Over HTTP vugen script and it's failing to decode the request/response from body. It's the first time I'm using this protocol so I'm a bit lost in how to configure it. First I run the jnlp localy and navigate few steps. Then in the Java Console I check the .jar used in the navigation in the "Java Cache Viewer". I downloaded all the .jar files listed in the cache viewer and saved it in a directory.

Back to LoadRunner in the recording options > Classpath i add al the .jar downloaded. In the Main recording script I type:

Application: Internet Explorer

URL address: server addres of the JNLP.

Working directory: C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_45\bin (not sure what I have to configure here)

I start the recording and reproduce the user steps, user/password,... and then stop the recording. I can see a lot o _webresult in the Actions script but all of them have the nex error:

// couldn't decode request from body. , couldn't decode response from body.%n

So I'm no tabel to see the body.

What I'm missing?


Thanks you.