Unable to execute Performance Center tests using Jenkins "HP Application Automation Tools" 5.2 Plugi

Hello, im getting a smilar issue while using Performance center build. please suggest me.

Started by user XXXXXXXXX
Building remotely on XXXXXXXX in workspace C:\temp\workspace\BUILD_NAME
- - -
Test description: PCServer
Validating parameters before run
Trying to login
[PCServer='', User='USERNAME']
Login succeeded
Sending run request
[Domain='DOMAINNAME', Project='PROJECTNAME', TestID='240', TestInstanceID='66', TimeslotDuration='1:30(h:mm)', PostRunAction='Collate And Analyze']
Logout succeeded
Empty Results
Result Status: UNSTABLE
- - -
Build step 'Execute HP tests using HP Performance Center' changed build result to UNSTABLE
Sending e-mails to: XYZ@XYZ.COM
Notifying upstream projects of job completion
Finished: UNSTABLE


i'm able to run the test manually in PC tried changing various TEst ID & intance ID's.