Why LR12.50 install java by default, but other version not?

Dear Experts.

I have got a interesting question from our customer.

When install LR12.50, Java 1.7 will be installed as pre-required software, but when install other version LR, Java is not mandatory.

From my understanding, if we do not use Java related protocol, then Java is not required for LR running.

Also from my testing, if I uninstall Java after LR installation, I can record/replay http script successfully.

So is there any reason why LR12.50 install Java by default?

Maybe before LR12.50, there are many issue related to Java version compatibility, so LR12.50 installed a version LR can support by default? Then later since Java is not mandatory, so they removed this action in following LR version(12.53 for example)?

Hope you can have more information about this.

Thanks a lot.

  • Hi,

    LoadRunner still re-distribute Java version with it only that it is not based on Oracle Java as it used to be. It redistributes OpenJDK instead.

    As you said, it is required mainly for Java related protocols today, but it might be needed for additional functionality in the future.