Vugen Web Service Protocol - Vugen 12.60 converting a timestamp

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It’s seems the most simplest of problems that should be easily resolvable.  The highlighted times below, are being converted by vugen into a different format and sent to the service.  The service doesn’t like the long format.Is there any simple way of ensuring that the format that is sent to the service is just the same as what I have input?   I’m using the Web Services protocol, the format of the field in the dtd is xs:time

** My VUGEN script ***


 ** What VUGEN is SENDING out **

<departureTime>02:00:00.0000000 00:00</departureTime><arrivalTime>17:40:00.0000000 00:00</arrivalTime>

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  • Hi Claire, 

    maybe my suggestion is too simple and you have already try it: go on the Parameters window, then create a new item and select "Parameter type" as "Date/Time"; you can choose the data format from the list below or modify some automatic suggestions. In your case, try to use %H:%M:%S, it must be correct. 

    Tell me if this can help you, 


  • Hi Lorenzo

    Thank you for replying. I've tried this method, and unfortunately the format here is again converted. away from the HHMMSS that I've specified.

    Many Thanks


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