Load Runner - Web Services - encoding buffer is too small - Agent service crashing - response to big

Hi All

I'm running a number of web service tests in load runner, and while they all play back successfully in vugen, one of the service requests will return a response body exceeding 20,000 bytes.

When I try to run this scenario from the controller, the agent service on my load genertor is crashing each time.  I get the following errors in the agent log

Error: Internal error - encoding buffer is too small (20000 while required 26816) at CDataAndControlLayerMessageBuilder::ConvertXdrToBuffer [MsgId: MERR-60244]

Error: Internal error - failed to build DC layer of a new data message [MsgId: MERR-60248]

My natural instinct would be to try and increase the size of the 'encoding buffer', but I don't know if that is possible or how to do it.  The other option is to wonder if the response body can be compressed?

I've not been able to find anything of relevance to those error messages, and I'm hoping someone out there will know how to resolve.

Many Thanks!

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