Vugen crashes on launch when run as the normal user - launches successfully when run as administrato

Hi Folks

My vugen installation suddenly became unstable.  It had been running fine for months and months.

I re-installed several times, but on each occasion I got a crash screen attached, when attempting to launch the vugen application as my normal user.

However, if I run the application as administrator it launches fine.  Anyone any ideas what could be causing this?

I have a work around for the moment in being able to run as Administrator, but just finding it really frustrating.

Any ideas?


Many Thanks, Claire

  • Hello Claire,

    Thank you for raising this issue. 
    Can you please share some more details:
    Which VuGen version are you using? 
    Which OS are you running on?

    I would appreciate if you could also provide the log file. It is located in "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\HP.LR.VuGen.log".

    If it is too big to upload, please send it to me to this address:



  • Hi Amir

    Thank you for responding

    I'm using 12.53 Patch 4 of vugen.

    Actually, the issue seems to have resolved itself which is quite bizzare.  I'll upload the file as it is at the moment, but I'm not sure if any of the errors in there relate to this.  I still have the  Microsoft WSE packs installed.  Perhaps running as the administrator a few times actually corrected it.  I had done many re-installations and restarts and everything, so I cannot quite explain why it now works.  

  • It's good to hear that it has been resolved. 
    In any case, should it happens again, please contact us.