Can VUGEN script monitor within Sitescope?

Hi Team,


I need to monitor VuGen script using Sitescope, Would like to know:


1. Can we monitor VuGen scripts in Sitescope?


2. If yes, What protocols used scripts can monitor?


3. Any License required?


4. Procedure steps to do monitor the scripts in Sitescope



Kindly help me with the answers for the above questions.


Thanks in advance for your help.





  • Hello Kishore,


    I don't fully understand what exactly you want to monitor.

    - First assumption is that you want to run script in Vugen and monitor AUT machine(s) with Sitescope. 

    Answer is that it is not possible to do any monitring in Vugen. Vugen is designed to record, edit and debug scripts, not to do full scale  test run with monitoring and following analysis of results. To do so you need to open Contrloller, add script designed in Vugen to scenario, add load generator(s), add monitored measuruments (Sitescope, Windows Resource, etc.), setup scenario timeline and run scenario. Please see Controller documentaion for details. Also you need Sitescope server installed to be able to monitor AUT machine in Controller. Please ask SiteScope team or read SiteScope documentations for details.

    - Second assumption is that you want to run script in Vugen  and monitor AUT machine(s) with standalone Sitescope server. In this case you should setup monitored measurements on Sitescope server, start script in Vugen and switch to Sistescope server to see monitoring results. Please ask SiteScope team or read SiteScope documentations for details.

    - Third assumption is that you want to  run script in Vugen and monitor Vugen machine(s) with Sitescope. This case is exactly same as previous. You can monitor Vugen machine like any other using Sitescope server.


    About licencing.

    Starting from version 12.0 Loadrunner community licence allow you to run up to 50 Vusers in Controller. You need to buy additional licences to run more Vusers.

    For versions of Sitescope earlier than 11.30, community licence should be enough to monitor in Controller with Sitescope. Starting from 11.30 you need to by some licence of Sitescope to be able to use Sitescope monitoring in Controller. Please ask SiteScope team or read SiteScope documentations for details.


  • You CAN do monitoring with VUGen. It is NOT just a Load Test scripting tool. It is also the tool used to create BPM (Business Process Monitor) scripts.