VuGen RDP Script "Error: .. Failed to switch to secure connection"

Hi guys,

a few days ago a RDP script stopped working and outputs the following error message:

Error: Information relevant for customer support: LR Rdp Connect: Failed to switch to secure connection. [MsgId: MERR-202898]

I do not find any information about that error in VuGen documents or community.
I also cannot find any possibility to change security settings.

So what can be done to get the script re-running again?

Additional information:

Furthermore a re-recoring is not possible, too. If VuGen tries to connect via mstsc.exe the following error message occures:


If I start mstsc.exe "normally" the connection is possible.

WindowsServer 2012
VuGen: 12.55
( BPM: 9.40)