VuGen on high resolution screens


sometimes it seems the future is already here - only it's spread out unevenly. My new laptop with a 3200 x 1800 pixel display? Yes, has been reached by the future. LoadRunner 12.50 VuGen, Controller and Ananlysis? Ooops, not yet.

Text and graphics don't scale. Text is either really really really tiny or (maybe worse) readable large but unreadable fuzzy.


Can we hope for VuGen, Controller and Analysis slowly getting dragged into the future? Will LoadRunner work pleasantly on high resolution screens? When? 12.60? 13.0? 16.x?


    Keeping up my hope,

  • Hello Klaus,

    Thank you for your post.

    May I know if you try another resolution, are you able to reproduce the behaviour?




  • Hi, yes I am.

    I am playing with two different Windows 8.1 settings:

    - Setting or not setting "Compatibility -> Disable scaling at high DPI" on Vugen.exe

    - Changing the screen resolution (background right click on screen --> Screen resolution --> Changing resolution between 3200 times 1800 (highest) and 1600 times 900


    I do get a lot of different effects when running Vugen but I am not able to make Vugen a pleasant experience.

    * It starts with the splash screen not displayin correctly

    * Some screen texts (espcially drop downs) are huge so they don't quite display (say, only the upper part or P is visible, so maybe it is an R) and block surrounding fields like input (easy to find culprit Tools -> Options ... -> General -> Task list). Some is just plain wrongly calculated, position wise. Check the attached screen shot with some arrows.

    * Text is tiny - Vugen has no concept of physical pixels versus logicalpixel, it's like those Iphone apps which got surprised by the Retina display on Iphones


    I am sure I have forgotten some.


    I sure hope R&D at HP has the money to spend on a high resolution screen and go through these bug.

    I sure hope Vugen will also be touched by the future.

  • Using the Send Feedback button in Vugen, I got some promising replies from HPE regarding adding support for high resolution screens. 12.53 doesn't support it yet, though.