HTTP or SAP-Web protocol for Fiori (SAPUI5)

Can anyone comment on whether it is correct to use the standard HTTP (web) protocol for scripting on Fiori applications, instead of either TruClient or SAP-Web protocols.  Any differences ?

TruClient has been ruled out due to hardware constraints.

Our version of Fiori (SAPUI5) is 1.48.  Using LR 12.02

thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    Since TruClient was rules out I would advice SAP-Web.  
    in later versions of LoadRunner, by the way, TruClient has much better support for SAPUI.

    Are you using Performance Center or LoadRunner? Why didn't you upgrade to a more up to date version?


  • Thank Shlomi,

    We're using LR.   We've considered the upgrade but due to internal processes it may not be possible to do
    within our timelines.  Do you have a sense of the footprint per TruClient virtual user in newer versions of LR?


  • Verified Answer


    TruClient Vuser footprint relies completely on the browser footprint and since in most cases it get's even fatter between versions as browser vesion is updated to the latest ones.

    You can see TruClient scalability information in this help page. This are the numbers for version 12.56 or 12.57 an "empty" Vuser that does not work against any application. You can view the same figures for older versions by using the version menu on the top left side of the screen. After switching to an older version you should choose Troubleshoot Load Issue under the Utilities menu.

    I also recommend checking StormRunner Load as an option to burst Vusers in the Cloud. StormRunner Load helps reducing the challenge around HW for Load Generators. Note that if the application is deployed on premise and you must use on premise Load Generators then StormRunner Load is not different than LoadRunner - you will still need to manage the required LGs and this option will become less relevant.