VuGen v 12.53 - Ajax (C&S) -Can not record on 64-bit applications on single mode

Getting the error "The Ajax (Click & Script) protocols cannot record on 64-bit applications on single mode" while trying to record using Chrome browser (Application supports only Chrom browser).

OS : Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit

VuGen Version : 12.53

Protocol : Ajax (Click & Script)


  • Try a 32bit Chrome browseras Ajax (C&S) dose not support 64bit recording.  (ref:  LR 12.53 PAM)


    Note: from the LR 12.53 readme:

    Support for these protocols will be discontinued in upcoming versions of LoadRunner and Performance Center. We recommend that you do not use these protocols for new scripts.

    • Ajax Click & Script

    Tip: You can migrate your existing Ajax Click & Script scripts to another Web protocol such as TruClient - Web or Web - HTTP/HTML