community License & TruClient concurrent user Limit


I have installed Loadrunner 12.55 license and try to execute a 2 concurrent user test with TruClient Protocol script in controller. 

but the controller runs only 1 user at any time. 

can you please let me know, what is the issue here. 

Am planning to execute a 5 user concurrent user test with 3 Truclient script using 1 load generator machine.

Please let me know, my above plan is possible using a community license if not, please let me know what i need.

Thanks in Advance.




  • Hi

    can you please share any error message you are seeing in Controller?

    Also, can you try this same scenarion with web protocol and let us know if the issue re-creates?

    last - what is the setup you have on the computer where LR is installed? (OS, RAM, Hard drive...).



  • New to LoadRunner & TruClient and very frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm new to LR as well. After trying LoadRunner a bit, I tried my test in TruClient(VuGen version). My first question is: What is the maximum number of concurrent users TruClient allows? My second question is: Does TruClient allow multiple users log in either simultaneously and/or gradually, do their thing, and log out gradually?

    I have 10 iterations set up, and 10 unique usernames & passwords set up via parameterization. The script reads and logs in each user per iteration, loops the user through different menu items, and logs the user out. It then goes to to the next iteration, and does the same for user number 2 thru 10. However, what I want it to do is log in all 10 users concurrently(whether simultaneously or gradually ramp them up) and loop through the menu options and gradually log out(sor of like in the Controller). This is one of my load test I'm trying to accomplish. I've tried this load test scenario via the Controller but my script(that passed w/o errors in VuGen) throws erros in Controller like HTTP Status code 400 or 502(Bad Gateway). I don't understand why. I have accounted for all applicable correlations in VuGen via the Design Studio feature.

  • Hi ,

    Q1. What is the maximum number of concurrent users TruClient allows?

    It depends on available resource (major resource: CPU and memory), which browser is used, and how much client resource is used by your web pages. TruClient runs inside browsers (IE, Chromium, Firefox). Each VUser runs in one browser instance. The major resource consumed by TruClient is the resource consumed by browser (resource of browser itself and web page client side resource).

    Check for how to calculate how many VUsers could be run. Notice "the average CPU and the peak memory consumption of the mdrv.exe process" means CPU and memory of mdrv.exe process and all its descendant processes.

    Another way to check the maximum number of concurrent users TruClient allows is, try to run a number of TruClient VUsers, once the average CPU usage is lower than 80% and peak memory consumption is less than 80%, that number is allowed. Try to increase the number gradually, you will get the final maximum number.

    Q2: Does TruClient allow multiple users log in either simultaneously and/or gradually, do their thing, and log out gradually?

    Yes, TruClient supports it. Once your web site supports it, it should work in TruClient.

  • Thanks for your responses Alex. My test involves testing with 1, 10, 50, and 250 users concurrently/simultaneously logged in, with both no ramp and maybe a 10sec ramp. I'll pay closer attention to the mdrv.exe process next time I run it. Regarding my 2nd question, I have a For Loop to loop the vuser(s) through different menu options. However, I'm not sure how I can set up a loop to have all the vusers log FIRST, and then loop them through the menus, and gradually log them out. Currently, I have set the number of iterations equal to the number of vusers, but the vusers log in and log out one at a time, or one per iteration such that a new vuser logs in for each new iteration. Or do you recommend using the Controller and testing from there instead?

    And thanks for that link. Yes, I have come across the information on the link, but didn't quite understand it at first, but will go through it again. As for the Controller, I understand it overrides the replay settings of the VuGen. However, when you select logging users in either "simultaneously" or gradually with a ramp-up period, does that truly log the vusers in that manner and disregard how vusers were logging in via VuGen(i.e., 1 vuser per iteration)? Thanks!

  • Hi ,

    VuGen (Virtual User Generator) is used to generate scripts, while Controller Load Generator is used to run multiple VUsers to generate load.

    In VuGen, it’s allowed to run only one VUser. Scripts could be created and modified here.

    In Controller, multiple VUsers can be set to run in parallel. Controller dispatches VUsers to run on one or more LG (Load Generator) machines.

    Back to your case, in VuGen, you create the script, doing login, some actions, then logout. This is the behavior of ONE VUser. Then work with Controller, suppose you set to run 10 VUsers, these 10 VUsers will do the behavior defined in the script, in parallel. Every VUser will do login, some actions, then logout in every iteration. VUser means Virtual User, which is used to simulate a real user. Run 10 VUsers means simulating 10 real users.

    As a short summary, use VuGen to generate scripts, then use Controller LG to generate load.

  • Controller_10User_Login_LogEntries_09182018.PNGVuGen_10User_Login_LogEntries_09182018.PNGHi Alex. Thanks for confiming my doubt on the how the Controller runs the vusers. Now I have a different issue. When I run the same scrip in the Controller, I see that each Vuser is logging in multiple times instead of only once(as is the case when I run the same script in VuGen). I watch the log entries of the application I'm testing and I can see each user loggin in more than once. I've attached two screen shots - one shows the log entries for when I run the script in VuGen, and the other shows entries for when I run the script in the Controller. Note the repetitive logins in the Controller login entries. Hopefully the photos are clear as I've never tried this before. I've tried to change my Runtime settings from 1 iterations to 10 iterations, but to no avail. So I'm stumped at what is causing this to happen in the Controller only. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    To ensure the parameter values are being distributed uniquely and not share accross the different Vusers you should define the correct row selection strategy. I assume that in your case it should be unique row selection - meaning unique per Vuser and it should be selected once.