(LR) Support Tip: LoadRunner is now FIPS-compatible

FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standards.
It is a set of computer security standards developed by the US government.

Up until version 12.50 LoadRunner was not officially compatible with FIPS.


In LoadRunner 12.50 we are now FIPS-compatible in terms defined by Microsoft. This means we now have a compatibility with the FIPS-enforcing mechanism that Microsoft has developed for the Windows OS.


Here are some further details about how this mechanism works:


There’s a Windows registry value, which controls the FIPS enforcement: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\FipsAlgorithmPolicy]

When this value is set to 1, Windows will throw an exception whenever a cryptographic API, which is not FIPS-compatible according to the MS standards, is invoked. In other words, if this value is set to 1 and the application functions normally, we may conclude that it’s FIPS-compatible
Previously we had advised to set this value to 0, or else to override it at the application configuration level. Starting from 12.50, we no longer place any restrictions here.


Please refer to the following knowledge document for information about what issue could occur in previous versions of LoadRunner, related to FIPS:

Error: "Assertion failed" when trying to launch the Controller