Importing Local WSDL file into Loadrunner

I am having difficulty importing WSDL file into Loadrunner.


Loadrunner gives me this message after recording:


Warning 1 The WSDL for EndPoint http://xx.xx.xx.xx/clickschedulewebclient/SXP.asmx was not found in the script.
WSDL Automatic Download is off.

Steps: GetTimeZones, GetServerTime, GetGanttObjects_3, GetObjects_13, GetEngineersDynamicProperties, GetLunchInformation, GetTravelTimes, GetGanttObjects_2, GetCalendarsLogicalIntervalsEx, DeletePages, GetTasks, GetObjects_12, GetObjects_11, GetObjects_10, GetEngineersCrewAllocations, GetObjects_9, GetGanttObjects, GetTaskList, GetObjects_8, GetReportInstanceID, GetSetting_12, GetSetting_11, GetSetting_10, GetObjects_7, GetObjects_6, GetSetting_9, GetObjects_5, GetObjects_4, GetSetting_8, GetSetting_7, GetObjects_3, GetSetting_6, GetSetting_5, GetSetting_4, GetNavigationTree, GetSetting_3, GetSetting_2, GetSetting, GetObjects_2, GetUserSetting_2, GetObjects, GetUserSetting, GetCollectionIndexes, GetCollectionsScheme, GetSchemeModeInfo Turn WSDL Automatic Download On from "Recording Options" dialog, for more information please refer to LoadRunner manual.


After speaking with developer he assures me that the SXP.asmx  URL does not exist in the IIS structure. So where yould loadrunner be getting that from?


Additionally, he provided me with the URL for WSDL:


However I can't understand how to import this using the LoadRunner Recording options Services.
What do i put in the two fields?  Additionally for Local File import, what do i put for service endpoint?