Trying to get Vusers to create a work order

I would like to test an internal website that basically create access and close work orders. I was able to record a script, run a scenario but no work orders were made! However I can see the Vusers logging in to the website when the scenario us running.

Please help.

Thank you

  • Hi,

    What kind of script are you using ? is it WEB HTTP/HTML ? or TruClient ?

    It is possible that http request to create order does not have the correct parameters and you need to correlate that, if you use WEB HTTP/HTML protocol. The website might also have javascript code that generates those parameters however this kind of script will not run any javascript code from the website.

    I recommend using a TruClient script (that will run javascript code) if you don't have the details of each http request for that website.


  • Hi Marcel,


    Thank you very much for the TrueClient instructions, I think this was the problem. However, I still can’t get the Vusers to create the orders. While I run the scenario I don’t get any Passed transactions! Any info on that?


    Thank you,

  • Its hard to tell from your description of the problem whats going on but at a guess it may be related to data for instance, are you entering unique information for each WO that you want adding? If your using TrueClient you should be able to see what its not doing in the replay.