(LR) Support Tip: Mobile Center and LoadRunner

Mobile Center supports recording apps which are not packaged (instrumented).
For conducting performance testing using TruClient and Mobile Center, it is a requirement to use both of the following:

  1. Instrumented app (Packaged app)
  2. Object Exist end event

The above is required for the following reasons:

  1. Only when the app is packaged, Mobile Center record & replay libraries reside within the app, allowing to measure very accurately the response time of different actions performed over the app native elements.
  2. When measuring actions over the different native elements, it is mandatory to state for the replay libraries when to end the measurement.  Most common use case after performing an action over native element is that a new screen is loaded or some new information appears on the screen. In both cases, a new native element appeared or updated on the screen and this is the cue for ending the measurement and reporting it back to TruClient.

Regarding Android instrumentation, there is no need to instrument the app manually. Mobile Center is configured by default to instrument Android app. The user just needs to log into the administration console and drag the application to it.

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