Error Subscribing/Publishing to MessageTopic in Load Runner using Web Services over nettcp binding

Dear all,

Majucamex ( I have seen that you too have faced a similar issue, can you please post an update on how that is resolved)

I'm working on a WCF based application which is based on event sourcing (Subscribe, Publish, GetTopics...etc) implemented over nettcp 

I have successfully imported the service using multiprotocol Web services and Web HTTP and I can see the methods in the Manage Services tab.

Sample Request created by Importing and filling the input parameters is as below

web_service_call( "StepName=GetTopicsByUsername_104",


Action.c(4): web_set_user was successful [MsgId: MMSG-26392]
Action.c(8): Web service call "GetTopicsByUsername_104" started
Action.c(8): Error:InvokeMethod failed: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; Premature end of file.
Action.c(8): Error:InvokeMethod failure: AXIS engine threw an exception.
Action.c(8): Error:Internal error, please call customer support. Details: Error while retrieving body -- can not parse output parameters
Action.c(8): Error:Web service call "GetTopicsByUsername_104" execution failed
Ending action Action.


Any help is deeply appreciated.