Question about caching and effect on iteration count



I have a question about the effect of "Clear cache on each iteration" on the number of iterations during the test run.  I have a test where I have run several times with this option both enabled and disabled, and for all the tests the iteration count is relatively unchanged.  I would expect that when I have disabled "Clear cache on each iteration", the number of iterations would increase since the client doesn't have to download the image, css, js, etc files after the first iteration - leaving more time during the test to complete more iterations.  This doesn't seem to be the case.


Can anyone please explain why?


Here are the settings for Browser Cache that I am using:


[Enabled]  Simulate broswer cache

     [Enabled]  Cache URLs requiring content (HTMLs)

          [Disabled]  Specify URLs requiring content in addition to HTML pages

     [Disabled]  Check for newer versions of stored pages every visit to the page

[Enabled]  Download non-HTML resources

[Enabled]  Simulate a new user on each iteration

     [Enabled/Disabled]  Clear cache on each iteration

[Disabled]  Simulate prefetch and prerender




  • It's possible that any think times and pacing settings are overshadowing minor differences in resource download times.


    For example, if you have 30s of thinktime in the iteration and another 20s of pacing time, it would dwarf a possible increase of 1-3 seconds to fill the cache.